Retired foster carer membership

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This membership is for retired fostering households and for households that are no longer fostering but who wish to continue to be covered by The Fostering Network’s Legal Benefits Insurance Policy. Applicants must currently be foster carer members of The Fostering Network who are retiring and retired membership must commence on the day after your foster carer membership ceases.

Please note – retired membership does not give you access to any other membership benefits.

Your data

Your contact details will be held on a secure members’ database administered by The Fostering Network, and will be used to keep you up to date with your membership and the charity’s work. You will receive our quarterly Foster Care magazine mailing by post, via a third party mailing house. The mailing house does not keep any data on their systems longer than is absolutely necessary.

If we have your email address we will store it on our secure email database and send you our e-newsletters updating you on our work, including our programmes, events, training, publications, campaigning and fundraising. We may also contact you by post or email about our fundraising appeals.

We only share data where necessary with companies that are carrying out work on our behalf, such as mailing houses and IT support. Beyond this we will never share any members’ contact details without your permission nor ever sell them to anyone else. You can read more about how we store and use your data in our privacy statement at You can also change how we communicate with you by unsubscribing from any e-newsletters you receive, or by contacting or 020 7620 6440.

Price: £18.50
*it doesn’t matter what rate of tax you pay as long as you pay an amount of income or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations in that financial year. Please remember to inform us of any changes in your tax status
I agree to contribute an amount (not exceeding £1) to The Fostering Network’s assets should it be wound up while I am a member, or within one year of my ceasing to be a member as stated within The Fostering Network’s Articles of Association.
I hereby declare that I am not aware of any actual act or alleged act, omission or dispute occurring prior to, or existing at the inception of The Fostering Network membership.