Walking Tall

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The Fostering Network was recently awarded funding by the Big Lottery Fund, to support Walking Tall, a two-year project which aims to provide opportunities for primary school aged children in foster care and the children of foster carers that make their voices heard and enable them to reach their full potential - to help them 'walk tall'.

Walking Tall is one of a number of innovative programmes that The Fostering Network runs to improve foster care and outcomes for fostered children and young people. 

For more information about Walking Tall email Kirsteen Marshall.

For media enquiries email The Fostering Network’s media team or ring 020 7620 6441.

About Walking Tall

Working with fostering families who are members of The Fostering Network, Walking Tall will run several workshops across Scotland that explore the fostering experiences and perspectives of children in foster care and the sons and daughters of foster carers through dance, drama and play. 

These workshops and the feedback from the children will contribute to the development of various resources aimed at supporting and enhancing the fostering experience for children in foster care, the sons and daughters of foster carers and foster carers. The feedback will also contribute to The Fostering Network's policy and campaigning activities.

Project aims

The project aims to:
  • enhance a shared understanding of the fostering experience from the perspective of fostered children and the sons and daughters of foster carers
  • enhance the confidence, self-esteem and life skills of fostered children and the sons and daughters of foster carers
  • develop a positive sense of self and combat negative life events
  • engage and consult with children in a fully inclusive and meaningful way
  • produce and distribute new resources which will benefit all children in foster care
  • enable children to feel proud of their history, make sense of their often difficult past and learn to ‘walk tall’
  • empower the voices of foster children and the children of foster carers who have additional support and/or learning needs by engaging in outreach work
  • allow children to contribute to The Fostering Network's policy and campaigning activities.

Get involved

Join our steering group

As part of our commitment to inclusion, participation and empowerment, the project will be overseen by our steering group, who will meet quarterly to discuss and contribute to project development. If you are a fostered child, a foster carer, the child of a foster carer, a member of a fostering service or a fostering social worker and you would like to join our steering group then please email us.

Attend a workshop

The workshops are aimed at primary school aged children from all over Scotland, who are either in foster care or are the children of foster carers. Children with additional support or learning needs are encouraged to get involved to help us ensure that their voices are heard throughout the project’s development.

Spread the word

We want to let as many of our members know about this exciting opportunity and so would encourage everyone to get involved by simply spreading the word across fostering agencies, communities and support groups. We will be networking and visiting as many fostering services and groups as possible in order to provide further information. If you would like us to come and visit you or you would like further information then please do get in touch.

Find out more

For more information about Walking Tall please contact Kirsteen Marshall by email or phone 0141 204 1400. You can also read more on the latest from the programme here.