Meeting with Children’s Reporter to discuss Children’s Hearings and the role of the foster carer

Foster carer champions are a group of volunteers who provide peer support for foster carers that need extra help or a good listening ear. The champions group meet monthly for training and support from The Fostering Network in Scotland.

This week the champions group got together for an excellent meeting to discuss Children’s Hearings. Children’s hearings is a public body seeking to improve the lives, outcomes and opportunities of vulnerable children and young people in Scotland.

Foster carers had the opportunity to question many of the decisions and legalities in the Hearing system. This was hugely helpful, providing a better understanding of the ‘relevant person’s’ role, including the process foster carers need to go through to be deemed a ‘relevant person’ and how to prove this.

Foster carers were reassured that they can turn to the reporter for advice at any time. They have continuously raised concerns about the level of contact set by a Children’s Hearing, and once again the importance of recording and presenting evidence of the impact of too much contact on a child was emphasised.

Carers are encouraged to keep good diary entries and present reports to the panel. Reports to a Children’s Hearing must be submitted to the reporter at least seven days before the Hearing.

A massive thank you must be extended to Margaret Maine from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) for visiting. The SCRA, founded in 1996, is a national body aiming at improving outcomes of children and young people at risk.

Our next get together Saturday 9 December for some festive fun.

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