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Buster the foster dog by Alex, aged 15

The reason I have decided to write about Buster is because he is such a lovely dog and he is hilarious and even though he is big and looks scary all he wants to do is play and make everyone happy. I call him a foster dog because his real owner couldn’t look after him any more so Catherine who is his real owner’s friend took him in. So this is the reason it is called buster the foster dog.

He is an American bulldog who is fully white with three brown spots two on his face and one just above his tail. He is only five but still quite big and he is just such a loving dog.

But the thing about that is he just doesn’t act like a dog but a little bit like a human so I call him Buster the humog. He also lies down on his back to sleep.

I remember the first day I was here and I remember Buster coming up to me and nudging me to stroke him. After a while he placed his head on my lap and stayed there until I went to bed.

It was very late when I got here to be exact it was 12:54am so I was really tired. The next morning I came down stairs to Buster barking at me because he was not quite used to me being there yet so for the next couple of days ever morning he barked until he got used to me being here and now he just sits and waits to be stroked.

It’s really funny though when you stop stroking him he makes this really weird noise to say why did you stop stroking me? Carry on stroking me. Catherine and I have been trying to teach him to drop the ball so that we can throw it for him he doesn’t quite get it yet though well he does drop it but he won’t let you pick it up so you have to kick it for him to go and get.

When he is going for a walk he always pulls out his harness so Catherine can put it on him. It is also funny when he gets a dental stick because he holds it in his paws to eat it.

He loves to play with leaves he runs at them grabs them with his mouth throws them in the air and lies on his back. When Catherine and I are watching TV he sits like a meerkat and flops over onto Catherine’s lap and just lies there till she tries to get up.

The whole reason I am writing this is I think he has changed my life and anyone who comes to this foster placement I think he will change theirs too.