Writing competition winner aged 10-14

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Gwendolyn Porter by Edith, aged 10

My name is Gwendolyn porter. I’m a nursery maid for Lady Edith and Sir Edward Hulson and their foster children now that their beloved son was shot in the First World War that is going on. Today I am taking Elisa, Tommo and Daisy-May who is still a babe in arms to the national zoo while their foster mama and papa try to get a funeral sorted out.

When we arrived Elisa wanted to see the pandas but stroppy Tommo wanted to see the lions whilst daisy-may shrieked her head off in the pram. I hoped my face wasn’t as red as it felt. When eventually the trip was over, the children begged for a cuddly toy each. Elisa brought a panda, Tommo a panda and I chose daisy may a penguin.

When the day of the funeral arrived Lady Edith was in pools of tears. I admit I cried a little seeing everyone else sobbing I knew it was right. After the funeral feast I decided to get some air as it was really stuffy in the village hall. When a bomb came whistling down a few dozen meters away.

I woke up in hospital a weeks later with nurses all around me. I tried to get up but collapsed on the bed. A nurse saw me awake and came over.

“You were caught in the explosion and your face got muddled” she explained.

“Can I see?” I said. She left then brought back a mirror and held it up in front of me. What I saw shocked me. My nose was missing and one of my eye lids were a swollen mess.

I wonder what my life will be like when I leave the hospital with all the people staring at me. I wonder if I‘ll get my job back and if so the beloved children will be scared of me.

What will happen to me?