Why I am going to Walk the Difference...

I'm Carina, a 19-year-old full time media student and I have long had an interest in fostering, and through my studies I have researched a lot about the care system.

I have been lucky enough to have been raised by my biological family, with constant support, advice and love. Sometimes I think it doesn't just take an experience of bad situations to make you appreciate something, and that is why I am supporting the Fostering Network and why I’ve decided to Walk the Difference for children in foster care.
What sounds better than raising valuable funds, and awareness, for the Fostering Network by taking part in the 'Bridges of London Walk' on a, hopefully sunny, Sunday morning!
I believe that the charity’s ‘Bridges of London Walk’ could be life changing. It won’t just raise money, it will educate others on a topic that I don't think is spoken enough about.
Sadly families break down, and sadly sometimes children have to go into care, but charities like the Fostering Network, and foster carers themselves, do an immense job in helping them to try and make the most out of their childhood. They work so hard to encourage the best possible upbringing for the children of Britain.
Participating in the walk on Sunday 27 October 2013 will not only be a personal honour, but it will also help my developing research on the system of fostering and the front line of people who do an amazing job partaking in it. So please come and talk to me when you see me on route!
You can find out more about the Walk the Difference Bridges of London Walk by visiting the Walk the Difference website.