So rewarding but often overlooked

Lauren is the daughter of a foster carer and also one of our young champions in Scotland.

Being the daughter of a foster carer has been an experience that has influenced who I am today. It has given me the opportunity to meet people I may never have and given me relationships I will always cherish.

My mum made the decision to care for teenagers rather than young children and being a teenager myself, I was excited to help care for my peers. Some felt like siblings and others felt like good friends. Because they were older, we bonded over similar interests and hung out together as I would with anyone else around my age. Many of them were old enough to go out and do their own thing, and this helped my mum keep a stable balance between her work and personal life.

Unfortunately teenagers in care are often overlooked by those interested in becoming foster carers, many have admitted their preference in younger children, however my experience has been so rewarding. I've watched them grow into successful adults, with their own ambitions, and thanks to the support from my mum, they gained the confidence to not let their background hinder them. I still keep in contact with some of them through social media and I wish them all the best in whatever they go on to do.

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