Christine tells us why she is walking the difference

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Christine in training

My name is Christine and I have been fostering with my husband Peter for 14 years. This October I am going to Walk the Difference through London to raise (hopefully!) loads of money for the Fostering Network.

We started fostering because I wanted more children after having my twin daughters but we couldn't afford to so thought that fostering would be a perfect way of helping others. Saying that, the same week we were approved to be foster parents I found out I was pregnant and we went on to have one more child but continued to foster. I only foster babies now as I have no bed space, only cot space, and while it’s getting harder doing the sleepless nights, it makes me feel so needed and not just being a mum at home all day while my kids are at school. I can see myself fostering for many more years.
There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to raise money for the charity. One of the main reasons though is that they’ve always supported my own children, with their sons and daughters work, who have had trips on the canal, Christmas parties and other things which have made them feel really appreciated. I don’t think that many know how difficult it can be to share your parents with other children for any amount of time and I think they’ve done brilliantly.
I’m so proud of them for how they’ve always helped with the children we’ve cared for as a family.
I am also very excited to get to walk over London’s amazing bridges. I think it’s the best city in the world and I’ll be walking with my Mum who helps me foster, so it’s a proper family day for us. I am sure that after the party by Tower Bridge at the end of the walk it won’t take too much persuasion afterwards to get her to go on a shopping trip afterwards as well, to relax our aching muscles!
I am on holiday at the moment and so to get some practice in I’ve been walking five miles to Filey and then another three and a half further to Scarborough so I hope to be fit as a fiddle by October 27.
I’d really encourage you to come and join me in walking for the Fostering Network. You don’t always realise the support that you receive until it isn’t there and I know that some aching legs are well worth helping them to keep up their work.

You can support Christine by donating on her Just Giving page.

Join Christine and lots of other fostering families on October 27th in London to Walk The Difference by registering today.