Becoming a foster carer during the pandemic

Welsh foster carer Meleri shares her experiences of being approved as a foster carer during the Covid19 pandemic.

I had been interested in fostering for years and had considered contacting my local authority to enquire about the process numerous times.  

I was unsure if I would be suitable as a foster carer as I am a young, single woman working full-time with no children of my own. I soon realised that I could go ahead with the process and that there is no perfect situation or circumstances to become a foster care.  

My initial video call and the full assessment were completed over Teams and even though this was different to how the local authority normally manage their assessments, I found that the process was smooth and straight-forward.  

The social worker visited the home for some parts of the assessment and I felt that they have been able to prepare me as best as possible for my first placement. The Skills to Foster training was held online and I felt it was communicated well even though we missed out on the opportunity to meet other potential foster carers.  

The panel was also held over Teams which I found much easier than having to attend it in person. I was fortunate to be approved and I’m currently awaiting my first placement. Due to the improvement in the COVID-19 situation, it is great that the social workers will now be able to provide the support and supervision at my home. 

As a result of COVID-19 and the repeated lockdowns, life has been different for everyone. I was unsure whether this was a good time to start on the process but I am glad that I did and I would encourage anyone who’s interested to take their first step now.  

The need for more carers continues throughout the pandemic and I, for one, cannot wait to make a positive difference in children and young people’s lives and I’m sure you could too!