Putting your best foot forward - Foster Walk 2019

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We love putting our best foot forward and striding out on a Foster Walk! Whether it’s Foster Walk London or Cardiff arranged by us, or a local event organised by our members or supporters, this 5K family-friendly sponsored walk celebrates fostering by bringing the community together to raise awareness while fundraising to help The Fostering Network make foster care the very best it can be.

With spring in the air (and in our step), we look forward to Foster Walk, now in its sixth year, in 2019. To get into the spirit, we spoke to Terri - a participant from Foster Walk London 2018 - who reflects on what it was about the event that has her and her family lacing their walking shoes for our new route at Foster Walk London 2019.

1.    Why did you sign up to Foster Walk London 2018?
We first heard about Foster Walk through The Fostering Network’s magazine and thought it looked like an event that all the family would enjoy and at the same time we could raise money for a charity that is close to our hearts. We were right, the whole event had a great atmosphere, from when we first arrived and met lots of other foster families, to the actual walk and activities after! 

2.    What were the highlights of the event for you?
All the Fostering Network staff were so helpful, and it was interesting meeting foster families from different areas. We all felt like one big family.  What was unexpected but lovely was the reaction we got from the passers-by, many of whom stopped and asked us about fostering and the charity!  We felt we were part of something special.

The walk was a great route with lots of famous sights on the way.  The pace was relaxed so we had plenty of time to take lots of pictures and selfies. There was always an orange umbrella around to point us in the right direction too! 

3.    And what did the children enjoy about it?
There were quite a few highlights for our foster child: walking across Tower Bridge, the River Thames, the fun photobooth and the splendid reception at the finishing line. Our foster daughter is very proud of her medal for taking part. Our daughter really enjoyed spotting lots of famous landmarks, the happy inclusive atmosphere and the feeling of doing something very worthwhile. 

4.    How did you fundraise for the event?
We managed to raise quite a bit of sponsorship money from family and friends, via our sponsorship page, which was very easy to set up and promote (on Facebook etc). I think people realised it was a cause that is very poignant to us and this encouraged them to be generous. 

5.    What would you say to people considering signing up to a Foster Walk in 2019?
We would highly recommend this event to other foster families as it’s a great way to meet The Fostering Network team and other fostering families from your local area.  But most of all it’s a fun experience for the whole family and a great way to raise money for a fabulous cause.

So why not step up and sign up for 2019?! Registration for Foster Walk London (15 June) and Cardiff (date tbc) is now open, with registration for foster Walk Caridd coming very soon.

You can arrange your own Foster Walk at any time of the year so please email fundraising@fostering.net or call 020 7620 8403 and the fundraising team will be happy to help with any queries!