The longest walk, starts with the smallest step

This weekend a team of 14 hardy souls from our corporate supporter Dreams will embark on the National Three Peaks challenge- a gruelling physical challenge which consists of climbing Britain’s highest three peaks in just 24 hours! Watch out Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pike - this intrepid lot are coming to walk all over you!

We caught up with the team’s captain Shane Goodwin, amid breaking in his walking boots and fundraising, to ask him some ‘before’ questions… 

What inspired you to do the National Three Peaks Challenge?

After receiving so many kind well done messages from family, friends and colleagues last year from my fundraising activities, quite a few of them thanked me for providing them with the inspiration to get fit and start fundraising. Some asked if they could join me on a fundraising event in 2018. That spurred me on see just to see how many I could get together for the biggest event on the calendar this year.

How was the team of 14 formed?

With so many colleagues around the UK delivering world class customer service at Dreams, it was a great opportunity to unite people from different teams to join together as one. I signed up first and then we sent an invite email out to all employees asking who wanted to join me. After taking a few calls and emails the numbers started to come in. I'm not overly superstitious, BUT for a long time the team was at an ‘unlucky for some’ 13… I have to admit I'm delighted that we’re now a team of 14!

What’s the most difficult part of training?

For me it's all about self-discipline. It can be difficult to say no and stick to a healthier diet when others might be having a beer or eating naughty food. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ springs to mind and keeps me motivated.

What’s the best part of training?

Setting personal goals and beating them! Losing weight and benefiting from improved times to complete distances. I stand by 'The longest walk, starts with the smallest step'. More regular exercise, no matter how little, makes you feel healthier in yourself and has longer term benefits in life.

Which peak are you looking forward to most and why?

After recently climbing Snowdon in under the allocated time, while it's a couple of hundred metres lower than Ben Nevis, it's all about finishing the event safely together that really matters to me. The smiles on the teams’ faces at Snowdon will hopefully tell a good story!!!

What are you looking forward to most when it’s done?

Getting a big WELL DONE DADDY cuddle from my daughters, followed by a hot shower, a cup of tea and catching up on sleep! The sense of achievement from tackling such a difficult challenge will stay with me forever, but most importantly I'm doing this to support everyone involved in fostering and I'm proudly fundraising to support such a credible charity, The Fostering Network!

If you would like to take up a challenge of your own then you are spoilt for choice with The Fostering Network! We have something to suit all tastes and levels of experience so do get in touch for more information and a chat about your options: 020 7620 8403 or

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