He could laugh for England - Ronnie's story #SandD2015

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Me, my mum, dad and brother Tris have fostered for lots of years. We’ve had lots and lots of children come and go - some staying all their lives and some just for a while. But of all the children that have come Lewis was my favourite. He was a very Special Brother. He had loads of special needs. He couldn’t walk talk or see but he could laugh for England. I am very proud of my brother he was the BRAVEST, he had lots of pain but still laughed.

Sometimes I visited him in hospital, I was even one of the first people to see him even before Nanna when he was a baby. Lewis was a funny looking baby without any hair and a tube up his nose, but we all fell in a crater of love for him. He couldn’t play but I used to sing to him and shake his favourite toy the tambourine. Some people don’t know why I would love a brother like him, but I know the reason - its easy, he needed us and we needed him. Its really sad now he now lives with God and our dog Fletcher and Milo the hamster but we all know he is watching us all 24 hours a day. This was two years ago but we are still a foster family.

I know it’s a great thing to be a foster brother to other children. I show them how our home works, and all the toys in the playroom and their new bedrooms and the bathrooms. Peace is a rare thing in our home but its fun to have somone to play and joke about with.

I know how it feels to be a foster child - it can be scary. Me and my brother Tris use to be scared a long time ago. I know it's an important job to be a foster family to help others. It certainly helped Tris - he’s now at university studying law so he can get a cracking job and take me my mum and Dad plus Nanna to Frankie and Benny’s.

Ronnie's blog was written as part of our Sons and Daughters Month blogging competition. Find out more about Sons and Daughters Month.