Giggling watching Gogglebox - Iqra's story #SandD2015

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Iqra's blog is written from her perspective as a fostered young woman.

At first you might be scared and shy. You might want to hide and cry. You might be worried about living with people who are complete strangers to you at first. They will welcome you on the first night by dedicating dinner time to you by ordering takeaway you like.

It is normal to feel embarrassed at first, but let me tell you, you will be lounging around in your pyjamas, watching Eastenders with them in no time. Giggling whilst watching Gogglebox will become a weekly routine.

When you go shopping you might be apprehensive to say what you like and dislike, but within a few weeks they will learn what you like and dislike without you even having to tell them. They will search high and low in the aisles of Aldi to find your favourite cereal. They will battle through crowds of other shoppers to find your favourite flavour of pot noodle. If you want coconut scented conditioner, they will embark upon a journey to every Tesco known to man to find it.

When you are out people may stare or ask questions because you might look different to them but they are like MI5 intelligence officers ready to answer those nosy people, without leaking the slightest of information. You will feel like family even if you don’t look like family.

The older siblings will have your back, ready to kill spiders for you without the slightest of fear. The younger siblings will happily introduce you to their nerf gun wars. The carers will know if you’re unhappy or upset with their foster carer super powers, they will do their best to keep you happy.

You may argue and sometimes not always feel at ease but soon enough you will make up, every family does. You might feel like curfew is strict but it is for your own good. They want to keep you safe, that’s their job.

Eventually you guys will be family not a ‘foster’ family, just a normal family. It may become bigger with others joining you, but you will all grow to love and care for each other, that I can promise you. 

By Iqra, 17

Iqra's blog was written as part of our Sons and Daughters Month blogging competition. Find out more about Sons and Daughters Month.