Fostering has changed my life - Yazmin's story #SandD2015

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Fostering has definitely changed mine and my family's life.

I appreciate the small things a lot more than I've ever done. Seeing first hand what foster carers do and how hard it can be having to say goodbye, that's the only down fall for me. Having to say goodbye to Jane, was definitely one of the hardest things I've had to do. Foster plus (our fostering agency) has brought my family closer, when my mum, Jane and I went on holiday, Jane told us it was her first holiday and seeing how happy it made her had a big impact on my mum and myself. We are very grateful for the time we got to spend with Jane and we wish her all the best in the future with her family.

Giving a child a safe place to say and people who love them and want to see them happy, doesn't take much. People think that kids in care have a lot of problems but they forget everyone has problems, these children aren't any different from other children and they shouldn't be treated differently, they should be loved and cared for and most importantly they shouldn't be made to feel like they're any different.

My mum has taken on each kid she's had in her care as her own. I love going on the fosterplus days out, it gives you a chance to be involved and the children to meet each other and have a great day out with people who understand what their going through. In my personal opinion foster plus training is a brilliant thing to do to help the carers -  any training I've been to with my mum I've found extremely helpful! 

By Yazmin, 22

 Yazmin's blog was written as part of our Sons and Daughters Month blogging competition. Find out more about Sons and Daughters Month.