Digital fundraising - the easy way to give

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Some of you may have heard the phrase ‘digital fundraising’ – what does it conjure up for you? Robots doing bakes sales? Online only currencies? Maybe the digital element of charitable giving makes you want to run for cover?!
Digital fundraising is simply ‘giving to a charity of your choice using an online method’- of which there are many!
Cue this useful blog which aims to demystify some of the options available to our fantastic fundraisers and give you some of the best options out there to make your online shopping do good things and make donating easier…
Here are a few popular ways to generate donations online for The Fostering Network.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile allows you to generate donations for The Fostering Network whilst you shop on Amazon. They will donate 0.5% of your purchase price (on eligible items) and to register couldn’t be easier. We’ve signed up and received our first donations from our online shopping- it does work!
  1. Log in to Amazon Smile with your normal Amazon log in details
  2. Choose The Fostering Network as your charity of choice
  3. Shop and check out as normal (It's basically the Amazon website)
  4. Your purchases will create donations directly from Amazon to The Fostering Network so you won’t see anything different on your account.
  5. Simply visit Amazon Smile as you would Amazon UK in order to enter through their charity portal and make your purchases eligible for donations.

The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine also allows you to generate donations for free from your online shopping. This online giving platform is connected to thousands of online shops (John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Ebay) and you simply shop as normal online or via The Giving Machine app and you will receive prompts when your purchases create a donation for us- win win!
  1. Visit
  2. Search for The Fostering Network in ‘search for causes’
  3. Click ‘join and support this cause’ and fill in your details
  4. Install the Shop & Give reminder’ and a purple heart will appear on the top right of your browser.
  5. Away you go! The Giving Machine will pop up on your shopping page to let you know if the shopping site you’re on donates or not.

Donations in lieu of a gift

Struggling to find a gift for someone? Not sure if another scarf/pair of socks/scented candle will cut it this year?! Why not make a donation on behalf of friends and family in lieu of buying them something? They will receive a thank you letter and our supporter e-newsletters which demonstrates that their gift goes towards making foster care the very best that it can be for children and young people.
Available: On our website or download our donation form.

Easy ways to give

If you are looking to make a one off donation or to set up regular giving, you can visit our website, Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving and all of them provide a quick way to give.
Facebook fundraising is a new way to donate to your chosen charity whilst you’re on Facebook. Simply click the ‘donate’ button on the The Fostering Network’s page to make a one off donation or ‘set up a fundraiser’ if you would like create an online way for friends and family to donate towards an event you’re having- it could be a birthday/Christmas/wedding party- anything you want!
So however much it is that you wish to gift to us and whether it’s a one off, a regular gift or sporadically throughout the year, there are plenty of online ways for you to give as you spend or donate to The Fostering Network directly.
Happy online shopping and thank you for joining us in making the most of the digital fundraising options out there! If you would like to know any more or need any help setting up your digital fundraising, do get in touch with the fundraising team: or 020 7620 8403.