"What life is like being a foster sister" - Sons & Daughters blog #2

Hey everyone, I'm going to tell you about being a foster sister. I have been a foster sister since I was 5 (2006).

The first little boy was such a cutie as he was only 1 year 2 months old when he came to us. I had to learn sign language as he couldn't talk very well as he had weak muscles. He was nearly 3 when he left as he got adopted by a family we know as they foster also. As he was the first child it was quite hard for me and my sister to see him leave. We still get updates, he's doing great.

Then we got a little boy and his big sister he was 10 months and she was 20 months. They were quite young and they would cry in the middle of the night it was hard work as they were so close in age but we had lots of fun times with them as well . After 3 years of staying with us in 2011 they got adopted and in Easter 2012 we seen them in St Andrew's for the day, the wee boy wanted to come back to stay with us which was sad and we still miss them.

Also during those times we had various children on respite or emergency placement. It can be really exciting when my mum gets a call to ask if she can take some kids either to give their foster carer a break or if they child needs to be placed quickly. We had an 8 year old boy next he was really quiet and was with us for 9 months before he returned home.

A week later we got the 2 children who are still staying with us just now and it was a year ago yesterday they came to us . The eldest will be 10 on Sunday and her wee brother is 5 . We enjoy having them. We have had a total of 21 children come to stay with us.

The thing I like best about being a foster sister as I know its a kind thing to do, the worst thing that it is I wish it could just be the four of us sometimes. We get to have two weeks respite a year and this year we are going on a cruise and to London which I am really looking forward to. We have photos in the living room of all the main children who have come to stay.

Anon, 12