"We loved everyone equally" -Sons & Daughters blog #16

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Today's blog comes from two sisters whose family foster. Enjoy!

I like all the kids what come to stay at my house because I always always have someone to play with. I like the kids to have all the nice things I have and the things I do. I like helping the little kids to do things like getting stuff out for them to play with and I don't mind helping them put them away. I like the hugs and kisses I get too.

Trinity, 7

My name is Evee and I like to foster because its lovely to look after children. I love all of our children because I like them to have a good life. I hope they love it here too. Our first baby was lovely and we wanted to keep him because we had him from 5 days old. Our second one was 2 years old and she was cute and adorable. We carried on to look after children and we loved everyone equally.

At the moment we foster twins and little girl and boy and they are so cute and adorable.

Evee, 10