"We are one large, noisy, chaotic, happy family" - Sons & Daughters blog #17

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I am Thomas, and my family and I have been fostering for just over 3 years.

Our family has been crazy since the two foster children moved in, along with my mother, father, younger brother and older sister. We are now a family of 7, and things have not been the same since.

The family now stands out, and things like daily routines have been very different. With me and my younger brother going to the same school, my older sister to a different school and one of the foster children to yet another school (the other is to be in nursery next school year) everything is even more topsy-turvy. The foster children are long term (which means they stay until they become 16).

Things I like doing with the foster children are some board games, but definitely not all! We had a great holiday in Italy along with my aunty, uncle and cousins. It was the foster children's first time on a plane! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

We are one large, noisy, chaotic, happy family. We have our highs and lows, but overall we enjoy life.

Thomas, 12