"There are ups and down sides to fostering" - Sons & Daughters blog #9

My name is Paige and my family foster children who need looking after.

I was only 5 when my mum first talked about fostering to me and I was really excited at the idea of having a playmate come to live with us. I don't have any brothers or sisters so this meant I would have someone to play with. Now as an 11 year old I still get really excited when new children are coming to stay but now I realise it's not all happy and good because there are ups and down sides to fostering.

Some of the bad bits are saying goodbye when they have to move on, having to keep secrets, not being able to play in each others bedrooms and having loads more rules. Sometimes when the children first arrive they are really upset and I don't like that bit either, I go to my room to get away from the upset when they first come.

The good bits are meeting new children and making friends, feeling good about knowing that you are helping them and keeping them safe. Having new children to play with is really fun, and I enjoy fostering very much. Having children here also brings more excitement to Christmas and I like having someone with me when we go out places.

I go to a sons and daughters foster group which is really good as you have fun as well as talk about fostering. When my friends find out my family fosters they think it's really interesting and cool which I like. 

Overall, fostering so far has been a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Paige, 11