"My friends think it's great that I foster" - Sons & Daughters blog #6

Hi my name is Katie, I am a foster carer with my family.

I like fostering as we care for babies and I'm a big sister to them, I love to play with the babies and help my mummy take care of them. I'm the oldest in our family and fostering means a lot to me because we are helping babies who's mummy's and daddy's can't look after them. I love coming home from school seeing the baby with a big smile on their face and this makes me happy.

Once my mummy told me we were going to be a foster family I was happy that we were going to have babies join our family, they always feel like our little brothers and sisters. Fostering is very important as I have learned that not all children have a family like me.

The hard thing about fostering is when the babies move on, I miss them so much, but sometimes we get to visit them. My friends think it is great that I foster and they wish they could do it too. I'm very proud that our family are foster carers and when I grow up to be a mummy I am going to be a foster parent too.

My little brother and sister would like me to let you know that they to love to play with our foster babies too. We have a special family (that's what my little sister says) and I think so also.

Katie, 9