"It has made my family closer" - Sons & Daughters blog #8

My foster brother came into my family in May 2012. I was at a school trip to M&Ds when he came. He was six months old when we got him.

He is the first foster child we have because my mum and dad only started fostering in April 2012. My parents started the preparation course in June 2011 it took almost a year to complete the process. We have a link worker called Lynne who worked with me and my brothers during this time so we know what to expect and to understand more about fostering. Lynne also pops in to see us every couple of weeks to support us. It’s nice to see her.

When my foster brother came to us he could not sit by him self but after a week or so he could, he also got his first tooth at this time. He has come on so much in the 16 months we have had him. He is speaking, walking and feeding himself. I feel so privileged to have been able to be there and experience all these things, because I am the youngest of my family this was new to me, I have learned a lot.

My mum used to have the house all tidy and now it is so messy with toys and books lying around. I am so proud of my mum and she is very proud of me and brothers because we have to work together to play with him and help look after him like tidying his mess, getting his bottles and running the bath. I like helping because its fun and my mum gives me rewards like magazines, sweets, new clothes and shoes. It doesn’t sound like a hard job, playing and having fun but it is, running around all day is tiring and stressful but it is worth it with the experience of seeing him grow in to a lovely little boy.

I think that it was good that my foster brother came into my family because it has made my family closer, we do so many things together now like going on walks, going to parks and play centres and out to the beach. I think me and my family will miss him so much when he goes because he has really become a part of our family and I hope that all the other foster children we get are just like him.

Rebekah, 14