"I'd like to be a foster carer in the future" - Sons & Daughters blog #12

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Hello, my name is Bailey. My family have been fostering for 2 ½ years now. We foster children from 0-18 years with a preference of 0-6 years. Overall we have had 5 placements, all boys, one of which was a placement of siblings. They have all come to us from a really young age, as young as 2 days old.

All of our placements have been able to go back to their families, except for 2 non-siblings, H & N who have been adopted. H was our longest placement; he was with us for 16 ½ months. I found it really hard and was quite upset when N was adopted because he was the first foster child we’d had to be adopted and I wasn’t sure of the process and I never thought I’d see him again, him and H have been like real brothers to me and I will miss them very much. I wasn’t so upset when H was adopted because I knew the process and I knew that I would see him again soon as that’s something that his adoptive parents wanted.

I really enjoy fostering; my family try and go to all of the fostering events. One year, I helped Santa out at the Christmas party. I have met many other foster carers (who my mum has become friends with), their children and their foster children.

I feel that we do everything we can to give children the best start in life; providing a stimulating environment, helping their development and giving them opportunities they may not have had otherwise e.g. days out and holidays. I really enjoy playing with the children, taking them swimming and helping my parents care for them. It has made me realise I’d like to be a foster carer in the future.

Bailey, 16