"I always get very attached" - Sons & Daughters blog #1

I have been fostering for 1 and a half years now, I have had lots of experiences thoughts and feelings through fostering when we received our first child I was really excited I wanted to buy him loads of toys as he was only 3 days old!

I loved him to bits and I felt very special to be looking after such a wonderful baby I found it sad that such wonderful children are in foster care but I learned through fostering that there are many reasons why children are in foster care.

When I get a child to look after, even if its just a couple of days I always get very attached to the child and it is very sad to see them leave. I feel that fostering gives you great opportunities and lots of support I think it is great to see children in foster care having a guarantee to a good home I love to see children so excited to stay with us and wanting to stay longer.

I enjoy meeting other foster carers and talking about fostering as I can learn lots of new things about fostering. My favourite part of fostering is teaching children new things and encouraging them to have fun, as we have foster children age 7 and under they would like to play and have fun (just like me :) and they have a lot to learn. I really enjoy fostering and I wish I could adopt all the children as they are all so sweet but there are a lot of families out there that cant have a child so they would love a child as sweet as them.

I would never want to stop fostering it would make a massive difference if I did - I love fostering

Shannon, 12