2019 - a year of fundraising

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Here at The Fostering Network, we love fundraising! It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, try something new or take a hobby that little bit further while raising money to support those involved in fostering. Community fundraising is a vital source of funds for The Fostering Network but we understand that it can seem like a dauting task at first - what shall I sign up to? How? Who will sponsor me?

It might be helpful to take a moment to be inspired by what a fantastic year 2018 was for our community fundraising. We had supporters from far and wide who committed to doing something to raise money for The Fostering Network. There were sky dives, mountain climbs, coastal treks, cycle rides, runs and walks, coffee mornings, golf days, sponsored silences, haircuts, beard shaves, bake sales, donations in lieu of gifts and even a dragon boat race! These activities and challenges demonstrate just how much can be achieved once you set your mind on your goal - be that a giant coffee morning or running a marathon - you can do it!

We hope that the calendar below can help you to find your fundraiser and get involved in 2019! 


Use your new year’s resolution (giving up chocolate, less social media and so on) to fundraise for The Fostering Network and stay motivated to succeed.


Decisions, decisions! Choose your challenge - what will it be in 2019 for you?! See our list of running challenges.


Everyone loves a bake sale! At work, school, college, community meetings…


Celebrate spring with a coffee morning or an Easter Egg Hunt.


Sign up to one of our Foster Walks…or organise your own! We’ll be holding 5km Foster Walks in London and Cardiff this year, but we have lots of people around the UK who organise a walk in their local area.


Lovely month for a skydiiiiiiiive! With 21 airfields to choose from across the UK and no previous experience required, why not sign up to a once in a lifetime experience?! Further information is available on the Skyline Parachuting website. 


Get the youngsters involved during those long summer holidays and arrange a sponsored car wash in your local area- ‘workin’ at the car wash yeah!’


Host a summer Come Dine With Me- ask people to donate to come along and why not make it themed?! 


Did someone say a round of golf?! Golfing days are popular with our supporters so if you are a member of a club, why not suggest it to fellow golfers?


Freaky fundraising- if you daaaaaare! Sponsored ghost walks, fancy dress competitions - anything is spooktacular!


Grow that facial hair and then be brave and shave!


Christmas jumper day, Santa Dashes or hold a festive quiz!

Anything you enjoy doing or would like to try out can be made into a fundraiser! The first step is to get in touch with the fundraising team and let them know what you would like to do. They can help you from there with registering right through until your event or challenge is complete. Do get in touch with your ideas or questions: 020 7620 8403 or fundraising@fostering.net