Community round-up #95

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Good morning members.​ Foster Care Fortnight (1 – 14 June) is just around the corner. From taking part in a Foster Walk to taking a #FCF2015 selfie and sharing it on social media – there are lots of different ways you can take part and help raise awareness of and celebrate the wonderful work foster carers like you do every day.

Here’s our regular look at some of the community discussions that have been taking place in the last few weeks. Please do feel free to add to the conversation if you feel you have something to contribute.

  • Housing benefit and fostering – a member is in desperate need of advice about what to do after receiving conflicting information from her local authority.
  • Many parents have experienced life with a teenager who won’t get up in the morning. What advice would you give a fellow member dealing with this right now?
  • An integral part of fostering is dealing with the emotions of saying goodbye. One member is asking for you to share your words of wisdom to help them cope during this difficult time.

Thank you!