Community Round-up #102

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Good morning members, and welcome to community round-up 102. We hope you are looking forward to the weekend - here is a round-up of what you have been talking about over the last few weeks.

  • One member has raised a query about Delegated Authority. You can join the thread here
  • Does anyone have any experience of foster children in university? One member has asked for advice on what packages local authorities provide to support young people. Can you help? Join the conversation here.
  • One member has asked several questions on benefits and carers allowance – can any of our members advise?
  • A thread on placements has provided many responses – give your thoughts here.
  • Sons and Daughters month is fast approaching and we are still looking for children and young people of foster carers to share their experiences of being part of a foster family by writing a blog.

Thank you!