Record keeping

Keeping clear and accurate records is a key part of a foster carer’s job. The records kept belong to the fostering service, and children can either ask to read them at the present moment, or later on, as adults. They also provide information foster carers can use in review meetings. The Fostering Network can help guide foster carers when it comes to record keeping.

Why is it important to keep records?

Like any job, fostering involves paperwork. Foster carers are regularly called upon to undertake detailed assessments of children placed with them and to participate in the planning of services for those in their care.
There has also been a significant increase in the number of foster carers who are asked to attend court and case conferences, and who participate in children’s statutory reviews and other meetings. Foster carers are expected to provide their own written support for these occasions.

There is also great concern about allegations of abuse and complaints made against foster carers or their families. Unfortunately, some foster carers will experience this, and it can be an upsetting and difficult process.

As a result, there is a clear need for a method of recording day-to-day events in the home that may, at a later stage, assist foster carers in recalling events accurately. Although some fostering services provide guidelines for record keeping, some foster carers are asked to record information without any guidelines about what they need to recall. The Fostering Network recommends that all foster carers should to talk to their fostering service to get clear advice on how they should record and store information about their fostering and the children in their care. 

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