Men who care

Male foster carers can often be the first positive male role models that children meet and play a vital role. Yet they face their own challenges in a role traditionally considered for women. The Fostering Network has information, helplines and an online community to offer help and support to men who foster.

For many children in care living with a male foster carer will be their first positive experience of an adult male, giving them the chance to explore the formation of trusting relationships and having contact with men who understand their needs.

Thousands of men are foster carers in the UK, either as part of a couple or as single carers. Yet many men are deterred from becoming foster carers because it has traditionally been perceived as a female profession, and men are often considered not to want to work with children.

In addition, fostering services do not always engage effectively with their male foster carers. Some male foster carers report that social workers only want to speak to their female partners about the children in their care, while others feel marginalised at events and training which they think are geared towards women. Some men whose partners are the primary carer also report that they don’t have access to training and other professional development opportunities, as these are often held during traditional office hours.

How we can help male foster carers

Our training

We offer a Men Who Foster course in England, Scotland and Wales, which explores the idea of the ‘positive male role model’ and aims to promote ways in which men can be more effective carers. This course is for men only. Contact our training team to find out more.

Our member helplines

Our member helplines provide confidential, independent and impartial advice for foster carers in the UK.

Our online community

Our members also have exclusive access to our online community where you can log in to share your experience and get advice from other foster carers. The community is a safe and secure area to discuss topics including being a foster carer and looking after a child, as well as advice on finances.