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Most of us have looked after a child who is continually on guard and on the look out for danger. Even when you think they are relaxed watching television or reading, they are suddenly out of their chair, eyes wide and on the alert.

Body language

The way we present ourselves to others, through the way we hold and move our bodies, is known as body language and, together with the tone of our voices, gives many signals about who were are and how we expect to be treated.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are more commonly known as police checks. All foster carers have one but what exactly are they?

Thoughts at Christmas Time

December and the build up to Christmas often invites nostalgic recollections which can make us happy and sad at once. My thoughts always go back to the children we’ve looked after over Christmas many of whom had never experienced the joy of Christmas before.

Throwing things

If your child automatically resorts to throwing things when they are angry or don’t get their own way, I suggest you insist they pick up the objects. I’ve fostered many children who throw things in anger, often because their parents do.

Attachment disorder

There has been an awful lot written about attachment disorder and you aren’t a foster carer for very long before you attend at least some training on the subject. Some of what’s written is very academic so I thought it might be useful to simplify it.

Speaking in the Third Person

I hope you had a lovely summer. We did. I looked after two separate sibling groups. Hard work but great fun. We had lots of days out. While in one adventure park I stood next to a woman who spoke rather loudly when talking to her three young boys who appeared to be quite a handful.

Summer holidays days out

If your child’s school hasn’t broken up yet it will be doing soon, so I just wanted to say have a great summer.

Behavioural disorders

An increasing number of children are being diagnosed with a behavioural disorder. But what exactly does that mean?

To eat or not

Following my last blog on the importance of mealtimes I thought it might be useful to say a few words about some of the problems connected with eating.


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