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Bad language and unwelcome habits

In her latest blog, author Cathy Glass addresses what to do when the children and young people you are caring for develop bad language or unwelcome habits.

Kids in Cars

Happy New Year.

Over the festive period a friend of mine with a small child commented on how confusing the law is in relation to car seats and belts for children. Foster carers have regular reminders on what the laws states so I thought it might be useful to pass on the main points.

Happy Kids Forum

Parents and carers sometimes email me asking for advice or wanting to share something about their children. Some of these are posted on the Happy Kids Forum of my website. I’d like to share a few with you now:

Disliked By Your Child?

Ever had the feeling your child doesn’t like you? Don’t worry most parents and carers have at some time. Being disliked by your child is a healthy part of growing up and a sign (believe it or not) of good parenting.

Unfounded allegations

Allegations against a foster carer by a child in their care is a subject most carers would rather not think about, believing it couldn’t happen to us.


I was recently asked by a social worker if I’d have a chat with a relatively new foster carer about the behaviour of the 12-year-old she was fostering. Her main complaint was that the girl had a bad ‘attitude’ and swore.

Sanctions and Rewards

For the third and final part of my blog on managing teen behaviour let’s look at sanctions and rewards. At this age talking to, reasoning with and discussing are paramount ingredients for good parenting.

Golden Rules for Teenagers

Following from my last blog about what exactly a teenager is, let’s look at the basic dos and don’ts – the golden rules – for managing pre-teen and early teen behaviour.


Recently I was asked to contribute to a workshop on fostering teenagers, of which I’ve had quite a bit of experience. I thought it might be useful to share some of it, especially if you haven’t had much experience of this age group.


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