Thoughts at Christmas Time

I remember a mixture of emotions that Christmas and I’d like to share this one scene with you: 

'That afternoon, the last day of school, I met Adrian and Paula at 1.15 and they came out very excited and carrying Christmas decorations they’d made in class, Christmas cards from their friends and a gift each from their teachers which was very generous. The playground was alive with the sound of excited children – all happily breaking up from school and looking forward to Christmas, as well as parents calling "Happy Christmas" to each other.

'Once home and out of the school routine we could relax and enjoy the final build-up to Christmas. I love Christmas – the magic never wears off for me – but I had to admit there was a cloud hanging over this year’s festive season, and that was my thoughts and worries about Rihanna (baby Harrison's mother) and how she would be coping.

'I didn’t know Rihanna’s religion and quite possibly she didn’t celebrate Christmas, but in the UK you can’t avoid the festive atmosphere of Christmas whatever your religion. And being surrounded with images of happy families with their children would be a cruel reminder to Rihanna of what she had lost. But I knew I had to let go of her pain and be positive, for in two months Harrison would be settling in with his adoptive parents, who would love and care for him as Rihanna would have done.' (A Baby’s Cry - Harper Element)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May your God be with you. 

Cathy Glass

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