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Resources from the contact arrangements webinar

Thank you for attending our recent webinar on contact arrangements for fostered children: learning from lockdown and moving forward and for completing the online evaluation form.

Eight things to consider for online family time

With the Government’s clear instruction that we must stay home, alternative ways are having to be found for children to keep in touch with their birth families and other people that are important to them. The maintaining of children’s special relationships has never been more important.

The significance of stability

Selina is a social worker and care experienced. She came into care when she was nine years old and lived with her foster family until she turned 18. Selina is convinced that the positive family experience as a foster child enabled her to live the happy life she leads now.

Summer 2017 - Summer 2017

Fosterline Wales factsheets


Advocacy - a national approach (information for fostering services in Wales)

The national approach to advocacy for children and young people in Wales, known to Children’s Services departments, was introduced as working practice as of July 2017. The national approach model places a duty on Children’s Services staff to ensure all children and young people who became looked after, post 1 July 2017, and become part of child protection procedures, are receiving a service via a care and support plan.


What is contact?

Contact arrangements involve the child or young person and their family members. They can include extended family and friends.

Foster carers play a crucial role in supporting children’s relationships. They need to offer a consistent, reliable base from which children can connect with their families safely. Their approach to the tasks involved in contact has implications for the welfare of their fostered children at the time and in the longer term.

Keep Connected

The Fostering Network is calling on everyone - including governments, social work professionals, fostering services, foster carers and adopters - who plays a part in enabling children and young people to move within, or out of, the care system to support them to maintain their most important relationships.

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