Attracting and Keeping Carers - September 2013

As the new term starts, I’m grateful that I’m beyond the age to be dragged around the shops to pick up new items of uniform, including shoes with enough room to grow into. Or in the latter educational years, packing up the car to be greeted with the bare brick walls of a new university hall, armed with only a familiar duvet cover and a wardrobe of decidedly odd clothes.
By James Foyle on September,24th 2013

Attracting and Keeping Carers - August 2013

I seem to have been on a one man mission of late to share the virtues of becoming a foster carer with any friends or members of family who I think would be suitable… and are prepared to listen!
By James Foyle on August,20th 2013

Attracting and Keeping Carers - July 2013

During foster carer recruitment campaigns, we often hear from foster carers who are confused by the messages that their fostering service needs more carers, when they themselves are without a placement.
By James Foyle on July,19th 2013