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A child arrives from overseas

We’ve all seen it on the news. We’ve watched the exodus of men, women and children with a mounting sense of horror and helplessness. We know that there are thousands upon thousands of children displaced from their homes and everything they’ve ever known.

Marking a decade of togetherness

Jude Black has been a social worker for 40 years and currently works for the fostering team at Gloucestershire County Council. She created one of the first groups in England catering specifically for birth children of foster carers and has overseen its growth and development.

Safer Caring

Safer caring is the means by which foster carers can ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people. Because the business of foster caring happens in the home of the carer, safer caring also aims to protect the well being of carers and their families.

It’s all child’s play

I get back from Calais absurdly happy to see my family and determined to see this fostering thing through to its conclusion, to its beginning.

The mighty jungle

This instalment of the blog should really come with a disclaimer. Somewhere here in bold text should be words to this effect:

*The actions of this blogger in no way constitute a statutory requirement for the fostering of asylum seeking children*


The wonder years

The assessment is underway and we’re starting from the beginning, or as the form F calls it, the Early Years. Our assessor has sent us a list of questions as homework in preparation for her next visit this weekend.

Skills to foster

My husband Jim and I first met each other at work. He always struck me as a great person to be around: intelligent, insightful and fair but with a wicked sense of humour.

The view of Narnia

This is the first post from Lucy Stevens who, along with her family, is embarking on the process of becoming a foster carer. She will be chronicling the story of her journey via this regular blog.

Community Round-up #97

Good afternoon members, hope you’re looking forward to a lovely and hopefully sunny weekend. It’s been a few weeks since our last community round up, so this post is a bit longer than most.

Community round-up #96

Hello and welcome to the latest community round up blog. It’s been a bit quiet on here over the last few days so we thought we’d use the round-up blog as a chance to highlight how you can be part of Foster Care Fortnight™ 2015.

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