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The difference Staying Put can make - a kinship foster carer's story

'In July 2008 my grandchildren came to stay with me under the supervision of children’s services. Their mother – my daughter – had struggled with mental illness and accompanying demons of drugs and alcohol for many years. They returned home to her several months later, but by spring 2009 they came back to me on a child protection order. They have remained with me ever since.

Campaigns blog - August 2018

Here's the latest news from our campaigns team, including how you can support our Tick the Box campaign and an update on the record-breaking response to our State of the Nation survey.

Supporting care leavers in higher education

Universities across the UK are striving to engage more care leavers with higher education. Here Transitions Team leader at De Montfort University, Melissa Page, explains why this is so important and what her university is seeking to do to reach more care leavers.

The Fostering Network Northern Ireland is today highlighting the fact that care experienced young people are in danger of missing out on the chance of individualised support while at university, as the charity launches its annual Tick the Box awareness campaign today in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

There’s so much more to university

The Fostering Network has a number of programmes focused on raising the educational aspirations and outcomes of fostered children and young people.

Education resources for foster carers

Supporting learning and development

The following pages will give foster carers some starting points for supporting a child's learning and development at home:

Tick the Box

What’s the problem?

Tick the boxYoung people who have lived in care are not accessing the support available to them when applying to university and once they are studying. Going to university can be a huge challenge. This can particularly be the case for those who have lived in care, who may have faced additional problems in life and may not have a family to support them through higher education.

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