A day in the life of a hub home carer

Hub home carers are at the centre of each of our Mockingbird contellations, so we thought we would let you know what their role involves.

By Mockingbird on August,6th 2018

Little guests

Respite can be extremely positive for children and carers alike but the change in routine and environment can also be disruptive. In this blog Cathy Glass describes her experience of providing respite care, what she's learned and how much of an impact respite carers can make on the lives of children and young people.

By Cathy Glass on May,31st 2017

Better health, more stability

This blog summarises our Big Issue article from Issue 169 of Foster Care magazine about foster carers’ health and wellbeing.

By Foster Care Fo… on May,8th 2017

The Honeymoon Period

We’ve all done it. We arrive at a support group meeting singing the praises of the child who has just arrived to live with us, and who had a reputation for very challenging behaviour but it is now an angel. We give ourselves a little pat on the back. It was easy really. We started as we meant to carry on and put in place the boundaries for good behaviour, and the child or young person responded. There was also some suggestion that there might have been a personality clash between the child and the previous carer’s family, so all in all the move was better for everyone. The child is settling in well and all is rosy.
By Cathy Glass on September,2nd 2013