northern ireland

Shaping the future in Northern Ireland

Kathleen Toner, director of The Fostering Network in Northern Ireland, outlines our role in shaping the proposed new children’s legislation in Northern Ireland and the merits of updating the law

By DavidEggboro on July,28th 2017

Fostering has helped us as a family

Sean has been fostering with his wife, Marette, for many years in Northern Ireland. Marette has always worked in a childcare environment and from early in their marriage they had agreed that fostering was something they wanted to get involved in. In this blog Sean discusses their fostering experiences.

By Foster Care Fo… on May,15th 2017

Education: Helping young people succeed

Yvonne Kielt is a development worker for the Fostering Achievement scheme in Northern Ireland and in this blog describes how she has seen the positive influence the programme has had.

By Foster Care Fo… on May,10th 2017

A second chance at an education

Hollie is a care leaver from Northern Ireland. in this blog she talks about her experiences of foster care and how it has transformed her life.

By Foster Care Fo… on May,10th 2017