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Foster caring from a young baby to a young lady

As the daughter of foster carers, Nicole Conlan has been part of a family who fosters for the past eight years. She shares her thoughts on what her experience has been…

Attracting and Keeping Carers - April 2014

I start this month’s blog the day after April Fools’ Day, so rest assured that this month’s AKC blog is wind-up free… although I'm sure some will beg to differ!

Attracting and Keeping Carers - December 2013

Thank you again to everyone who attended our transforming foster carer recruitment event this month. The event was a sell out and apologies to those people who were unable to secure a place.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - November 2013

November for many is the midpoint between two large scale campaign periods, processing enquiries from the September ‘empty nesters’ and gearing up for the January ‘New Year’s fostering resolutions’ campaigns.

"It's hard to share mum and dad" - Sons & Daughters blog #19

My family

I didn't like being an only child because I didn't have anyone too play with. I wanted someone to come to be my sister and Kerri is my big sister now. She is kind and caring and beautiful. I sometimes find it tricky when she gets ill or angry.

"We are one large, noisy, chaotic, happy family" - Sons & Daughters blog #17

I am Thomas, and my family and I have been fostering for just over 3 years.

Our family has been crazy since the two foster children moved in, along with my mother, father, younger brother and older sister. We are now a family of 7, and things have not been the same since.


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