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Attracting and Keeping Carers - July 2015

I’ve managed to catch up with a number of you post Foster Care Fortnight™ and have been delighted to hear about all of the activity that took place.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - June 2015

Foster Care Fortnight 2015 saw a tidal wave of fostering and orange has swept across the UK thanks to you and your foster carers.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - May 2015

This time last year, Foster Care Fortnight™ was done and dusted. But due to the five-year election cycle in the UK, we are yet to begin.

With just under a week to go though, all your planning will hopefully be on the cusp of coming into fruition.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - November 2014

November began with the selected 12 English local authorities joining us for a workshop as part of the Department for Education funded project to Support fostering services to recruit more foster carers.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - October 2014

October kicked off with The Fostering Network’s annual showcase event, our conference which this year carried the theme of ‘The future of foster care – a focus on children and young people’.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - September 2014

The need for foster carers for sibling groups hit the headlines this month, with a number of fostering services riding on the coat tails of the national story and getting some good coverage. My eyebrows have just about sunk back to normal having read some of the stories and opinions.


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