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Waiting for your first arrival

Being approved as a foster carer is just the start of your fostering journey. Once approved it’s time to prepare to welcome children and young people into your home.

Before the first arrival

Are you a newly approved foster carer and waiting for your first arrival? Here are some top tips for you from experienced carers!

Welcoming a new child into your home

Angela has been a foster carer for five years. She and her husband, Simon, specialise in looking after sibling groups aged four upwards. Here she shares some tips which have helped her when welcoming a new foster child into her home.

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children - the Refugee Council

Judith Dennis is policy manager at the Refugee Council. In this blog she shares the Refugee Council's experience of working with unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Judith will be speaking at our West Midlands conference on 23 May.

Hitting the Wall

Lucy Stevens is a regular blogger and staff member at Eastern Fostering Services. Lucy has written about her journey from embarking on become a foster carer, through her approval, to her current situation caring for an unaccompanied asylum seeking teenager.

The big screen

I’m misleading you a little this week because I’m not going to be blogging about the cinema. Though what I’m attempting to describe was at times as surreal to me as something you might glimpse on the big screen.

A child arrives from overseas

We’ve all seen it on the news. We’ve watched the exodus of men, women and children with a mounting sense of horror and helplessness. We know that there are thousands upon thousands of children displaced from their homes and everything they’ve ever known.

The waiting game

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. For those of you who were following my family’s journey into foster care, you’ll know that we were approved as foster carers at the end of April this year, and I’ve been indulging in a little radio silence since then.

Judgement day

It’s a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning. We’re suited and booted and on our way to panel to be approved as foster carers. We’re meeting Stef (our Form F assessor) at a café near to where the panel is taking place, to have a little run through the potential questions we can expect.

Saying ‘hello’ to new arrivals

Preparing for their stay

Ideally, every placement should be planned with an opportunity for introductions with the foster family before the children move in. Foster carers should be able to meet the child’s parents beforehand. This can help to establish a good relationship from the start.


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