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New family members, challenges and a vocation - becoming a foster family

For Willow, becoming a foster family meant significant changes. Less alone time, more social interaction, and being outside of his comfort zone a lot more. The 15-year-old, who has sensory processing difficulties, had to get used to the new situation at home but was intrigued to foster right away. He now plays a vital part in the household and supports his parents in delivering the best possible care for a boy with ADHD.

By karina auer on March,13th 2020

Award winning sons and daughters

Foster carers’ children are a vital part of many fostering families. We spoke to the winners of our 2017 Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters Award to find out why they love being a part of their fostering family and what it was like winning a national award.
By N B Lakhani on February,16th 2018

What about the kids?

My children were nine and seven when we started fostering. Like anyone who decides to foster, I was worried about the impact our decision might have on our family but particularly on my children.

By Lucy Stevens on October,16th 2017

Unconditional love

For the last 12 years Niamh has grown up as part of a fostering family. She has shared her experiences in 

By media on October,25th 2016

Positive signs

Throughout Sons and Daughters Month this October we will be hearing from sons and daughters of foster carers as they share their experiences of growing up in a fostering household. In this blog Samantha tells us how she decided to go that extra mile for her fostered siblings and how being part of a fostering family has influenced her outlook on life.

By DavidEggboro on October,12th 2016