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Throwing things

If your child automatically resorts to throwing things when they are angry or don’t get their own way, I suggest you insist they pick up the objects. I’ve fostered many children who throw things in anger, often because their parents do.

To eat or not

Following my last blog on the importance of mealtimes I thought it might be useful to say a few words about some of the problems connected with eating.

The closed choice

Since the publication of my most recent book, Saving Danny, in which I used a number of strategies for managing Danny’s behaviour, including the closed choice, I have received many emails from readers saying they’d tried the closed choice and were amazed at how successful it was.

Young people taking responsibility

Many young people in care feel they have limited say in the decisions that affect their lives and this can have a knock-on effect on their behaviour. Having relinquished responsibility for their actions they no longer hold themselves accountable for the outcome of any negative behaviour.

The Naughty Step

We are all familiar with the naughty step which may also be a naughty chair, spot, or corner.

Is your child out of control?

So what constitutes behavioural difficulties or a child out of control, and does it apply to your child?

The Honeymoon Period

We’ve all done it. We arrive at a support group meeting singing the praises of the child who has just arrived to live with us, and who had a reputation for very challenging behaviour but it is now an angel. We give ourselves a little pat on the back. It was easy really.


One of the issues I explore in my book Happy Kids is that of respect.


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