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The best days of my life

Leah shares her story of foster care, being separated from siblings and how her foster carers have supported her.

By DavidEggboro on January,5th 2018

Attracting and Keeping Carers - February 2015

February saw the publication of The Fostering Network’s new recruitment target for 2015. The figure, 8,370, reflects the continued rise of children coming into care, the significant numbers of foster carers leaving the service in the past year and a factor to allow sufficient placement choice.
By James Foyle on February,16th 2015

KFC and fostered children

Dominic Stevenson, senior media officer at The Fostering Network, writes: The internet, or sections of it, has found a new outrage – and while it will only last as long as the others, we wanted to put in our tuppence worth on this one.
By Dom-tFN on February,12th 2015

What's in a name?

This blog is a true story, told bravely and passionately, by an anonymous young person in foster care.
By Dom-tFN on January,27th 2015

Distorted - By Danielle Kendrick

The Fostering Network occasionally receives poems, pieces of fiction and other work produced by young people in foster care. While we can't publish everything, we did feel that this piece from Danielle showed a maturity in tackling some very big issues. This work does including content and themes which young readers might find distressing. Danielle is only 12 years old, and this is her work of fiction.
By media on July,8th 2014

Attracting and Keeping Carers - April 2014

I start this month’s blog the day after April Fools’ Day, so rest assured that this month’s AKC blog is wind-up free… although I'm sure some will beg to differ!
By James Foyle on April,14th 2014

Cyber-bullying, are you prepared?

Cyber-bullying really is one of the dark sides of the internet. It is the use of the internet and technology to deliberately hurt, embarrass and abuse others and can be a one off or recurring. We, as the grown-ups who are responsible for the safety of young people, are in an odd position because we are protecting them from harm on forms of communication that didn’t exist when we grew up.
By Dom-tFN on August,22nd 2013