Welcoming children with warmth and a smile

It is Foster Care Fortnight 2019 and I want to thank foster carers who on any given day, are looking after more than 5,000 of Scotland’s children. Children whose mums or dads, no matter how much they may love them, are not able to look after them. Your unwavering commitment to providing the very best possible care, has taught me more than anything else.

By Foster Care Fo… on May,20th 2019

Caring - a blog by Cherise McColl, young champion with the Fostering Community Champions programme

Family - a group of parents and their children. The Oxford English Dictionary. Families are one of the most important things to us, but some families are a little more dysfunctional than others. To us family is loving and caring people who will always look out for us and after us, but for some poor souls this is not the case. My mum is a foster carer which means she looks after kids that have been mistreated or simply cannot be looked after by their own parents.
By Daniel.Sinclairtfn on August,21st 2015

Fostering Community Champions: young champions photo shoot

Fostering Community Champions, funded by the Big Lottery, is an exciting four year project that aims to improve the outcomes of children in care by reducing the isolation experienced by many foster carers and helping young people to use their experience of foster care in a positive and meaningful way.

By Foster Care Fo… on June,2nd 2015