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Digital fundraising - the easy way to give

Some of you may have heard the phrase ‘digital fundraising’ – what does it conjure up for you? Robots doing bakes sales? Online only currencies? Maybe the digital element of charitable giving makes you want to run for cover?!

Fostering in a digital world

Fostering in a digital world: the challenges

Technology is part of children and young people’s lives and it is here to stay.

Children are going online at an earlier age and spending increasing amounts of time indulged in the vast digital treasure cove. Challenges arise as children learn digital skills before they learn important life skills.

For all its benefits, the internet can also present risks, particularly to looked after children and young people, some of whom may be particularly vulnerable.

Cyber-bullying, are you prepared?

Cyber-bullying really is one of the dark sides of the internet. It is the use of the internet and technology to deliberately hurt, embarrass and abuse others and can be a one off or recurring.

Why fostering needs to keep up with the digital world

Foster carers look after some of the UK’s most vulnerable children. They have to have strength of character and love in their heart to do so, but fostering is also about having real skills to look after these children.

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