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#ThisIsFostering photo submissions

Ahead of Foster Care Fortnight 2020 (11-24 May 2020) we are asking everyone with a connection to fostering to send us photography submissions which we may then select for an exhibition during the two-week campaign.

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foster care fortnight

What a two weeks!

There has been a tremendous response to our #changeafuture theme this Foster Care Fortnight from our members and supporters as well as decision makers around the UK and the wider public, with more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage and countless social media posts

Welcoming children with warmth and a smile

It is Foster Care Fortnight 2019 and I want to thank foster carers who on any given day, are looking after more than 5,000 of Scotland’s children. Children whose mums or dads, no matter how much they may love them, are not able to look after them.

A view from the other side

Since Foster Care Fortnight 2018 Niki Clemo has joined The Fostering Network having previously worked as a senior

Who needs to be fostered?

Children of all ages and backgrounds come into care requiring the nurture and support of a foster family. Whether it is for one night, a few weeks, or their entire childhood, it’s important to have enough foster families to look after these children and to meet each child’s individual needs.

Becoming a foster carer

Currently 65,000 children in the UK are living with foster carers. Thousands more foster families are needed this year to give every child who comes into care a stable and loving home. If you think you have what it takes to change a child’s future, keep reading.


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