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December campaigns blog

As the campaigns manager at The Fostering Network, I am increasingly being asked where The Fostering Network stands on the idea of foster carers being employed, with full workers’ rights, by a fostering service.

November Campaigns Update

Welcome to the November campaigns blog. This has been a really busy month for the campaigns team!

September campaigns update

Welcome to another edition of the campaigns blog, with Robert Cann, campaigns officer at The Fostering Network.

Campaigns update July 2016

We reported last time that the Children and Social Work Bill had been introduced to parliament which we have been working on during July as well as scrutinising other reports from the Government.

Campaigns update June 2016

Aside from fretting over the home nations' performances in the Euros, there's been a lot else going on in our campaigns team over the past few weeks.

Foster carers' charter

We first produced a charter in 2011 in consultation with our members, and have recently revamped it with support from a range of organisations including the Department for Education, ADCS and FosterTalk.  Charters represent an important step towards foster carers being treated and respected as the professionals that they that foster carers get the recognition they deserve and need to provide children with the best possible care.

Other research

EU Nationals: Foster Carers and Fostered Children - 2018

Following on from the Government initiating the official EU withdrawal process in March 2017, there was – and continues to be – much speculation as what would happen to EU nationals who were currently residing in the UK. The Fostering Network received enquiries from fostering services worrying about approving people as foster carers who were non-UK EU nationals, and also about the long-term stability of placing fostered children with foster carers who were non-UK EU nationals. 


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