State of the Nation's Foster Care 2021

About the survey 

The survey, which took place in the summer of 2021, covered key practice and workforce issues such as placement stability, training and support for carers, and status and authority of the workforce. In total, 3,352 foster carers and 99 fostering services took the survey, maitaning it as the largest and most comprehensive survey of fostering in the UK.


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State of the Nation's Foster Care

Read our latest State of the Nation's Foster Care report here

Our State of the Nation research acts as a yard stick for progress in key areas of foster care from one survey to the next.

By identifying the issues affecting those working in the fostering sector every day, we are able to provide a reliable snapshot of fostering in the UK and understand where improvements need to be made.

Our foster carers' survey covers topics including:

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Foster Carers' Charter

Our 2021 State of the Nation survey showed that both foster carers and fostering services agree that improving the status of foster carers in the team around the child is the number one thing that will change children’s experience of foster care for the better. Read our full report into foster carer status here


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Other research

EU Nationals: Foster Carers and Fostered Children - 2018

Following on from the Government initiating the official EU withdrawal process in March 2017, there was – and continues to be – much speculation as what would happen to EU nationals who were currently residing in the UK. The Fostering Network received enquiries from fostering services worrying about approving people as foster carers who were non-UK EU nationals, and also about the long-term stability of placing fostered children with foster carers who were non-UK EU nationals. 

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