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An open mind and an open heart - Leah's story #SandD2015

Fostering has changed my life. My parents started fostering when I was 16. Im now 23. Retrospectively, at the start, it was hard. I was amidst my GCSEs and at first, it was a big adjustment.

I love all of them - Joshua's story #SandD2015


My name is Joshua and my mum has fostered for four years and fosters babies. We have had five babies including twins and I love all of them.

A passionate advocate for fostering - Madison's story #SandD2015

Being the daughter of a foster carer can bring great joy, but it can also present many challenges. Madison Clarke, 17, from Badger Hill, North Yorkshire, has stepped forward to raise awareness of what a positive experience being at the heart of a fostering family can be.

Writing competition winner aged 5-9

The First of Many Things by Chantelle, aged 9

My feelings

At first I felt lonely, I didn't know my place, but all I had to do was look at my foster mum’s cheery face. It was the most beautiful face I had ever seen, I had never seen one more lovable.

Fostering is so much more...

Fostering isn't just a job my Mum does. It isn't just a way of getting money at the end of the month. It's a lifestyle. Daisy, aged 13, the daughter of foster carers discusses life in a fostering household.

Sons & Daughters in Stockton

The Fostering Network’s Sons & Daughters campaign coordinator Catherine Holland has been speaking to Gemma from Stockton Borough Council about their participation in last year’s campaign.​


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