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Review - The Simple Guide to Child Trauma


As a foster carer and social work assistant and I’m always looking for new ideas around communicating with the children I encounter day to day, particularly around behaviours.

On first picking up this book, I must admit to having been a little sceptical as to whether the author could realistically simplify such a complex subject in so few pages. How much credible insight was there going to be and, although it would clearly be a quick read, would it be a worthwhile one?

Review - Therapeutic Treasure Box


It’s not often that the title of a book so perfectly describes its content - this book truly is a treasure box and is packed full of resources, examples and ideas to support carers working with children who have experienced developmental and relational trauma.

Men who care

For many children in care living with a male foster carer will be their first positive experience of an adult male, giving them the chance to explore the formation of trusting relationships and having contact with men who understand their needs.

Thousands of men are foster carers in the UK, either as part of a couple or as single carers. Yet many men are deterred from becoming foster carers because it has traditionally been perceived as a female profession, and men are often considered not to want to work with children.

Recruitment and retention resources

Free resources

Needs analysis template

Created by the Department for Education and The Fostering Network, the needs analysis template is the starting point for all fostering services to inform a recruitment and retention strategy. 

Needs analysis template

Recruitment and retention research

Benchmark reports

The Fostering Service Benchmark report 2015/16

The fostering service benchmark reports, carried out over three years, provide statistical insight into the performance of fostering services in England. The information within the reports can be used by any service to compare performance against national averages for recruiting and retaining foster carers.

Ongoing learning and development

The Fostering Network’s The Skills to Foster training is the pre-approval course used by fostering services to equip foster carers with the skills and knowledge to care for fostered children. Training is an ongoing process, and as the needs of children change and evolve, alongside changes to policies and legislation, foster carers need to have a clear plan for continuing their professional development.

Skills to foster

My husband Jim and I first met each other at work. He always struck me as a great person to be around: intelligent, insightful and fair but with a wicked sense of humour.

The Fostering Network has partnered with Disability Matters to put together a free online learning resource for foster carers.

The Disability Matters for Foster Carers learning package comprises eight courses focussed on issues relevant to foster carers of children and young people with disabilities. The package provides the perfect starting point for developing your understanding about the health and wellbeing of children and young people with disabilities.


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